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There's no simple way to find it, no compass to lead the way. Because your True North isn't?a place, it's a feeling. A?state of mind?filled with adventure, culture and curiosity.

Minnesota invites you to discover something new in the world and in yourself. Somewhere that still feels wild and pure, where your story can flow?like the Mississippi River and shine?like the northern lights. No matter which route you take, they can all lead?to your True North.?And it's?only in Minnesota.

Fun Adventures in Your True North

From relaxing?canoe trips in the Boundary Waters?to bike tours along the Mississippi River, adventure is always on the horizon in Minnesota. With more than 10,000 lakes, immense forests and rugged bluffs, Minnesota is an exciting outpost for outdoor lovers of all kinds. Or head to cozy restaurants and food halls, renowned museums, intimate live music venues, enticing shopping areas and more to get a taste of the state's vibrant cities and towns.

See Things to Do

The NorShor Theater brings world-class live performances to the heart of downtown Duluth / Paul Vincent

Ride roller coasters indoors at Nickelodeon Universe / Mall of America

Hike?to the scenic overlook at Honeymoon Bluff, deep in the Superior National Forest / Roy Son

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Minnesota by Season

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Want to know the best spots in Minnesota? How about tips on how to make the most of your time in a specific city? Our Minnesota experts can answer your questions, offer advice, or plan the perfect Minnesota trip for you. For free.

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